Chevy 305 engine reliability

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Chevrolet Crate Engines 350 Small Blocks - Buy Factory Direct. Choose from 5 stages of Chevy street performance crate engines ranging from 300 to 550+ horsepower to suit your wants, budget and application. These time-tested and proven Chevy builds give you a range of high-quality performance engine options, at an affordable price.

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We readily admit this engine won't make a lot of other people's top 5 lists of small block Chevys. But as we celebrate 60 years of the small block Chevy, the 350 L98 engine makes ours for its heroic efforts in helping keep Chevrolet performance alive in the 1980s.Introduced in 1985, the L98, along with its 305 little brother, valiantly battled with the Ford 5.0L for factory performance ...GMC Sierra 1500 vs. Chevy Silverado 1500. Which GM V8 engine is best in a pickup truck? Is it the 5.3L or the 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine? We recently received this question from Abe H at [email protected] ...Yeah,I put a modified GMC 302 in my 37 Chevy pu to replace the modifed 261.It bolts in after you move the radiator foward and fab up a spacer for the front motor mount. GMC's are somewhat expensive to modify,but not that much more than a 292 Chevy perhaps,which is a more pricey than a common V-8 unless ya shop carefully for bargins.

On this episode of Engine Power, the team starts on the first of a 3 stage build of the durable small block Chevy. A back to basics 355-inch powerplant that ...Some engines like the 454s, 427s, 409s, 396s, and others have become more rare, hard to find, and expensive. However, there are other Chevy V8s that are easy to find and will make great power plants for any hot rod. The 305 Engine