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Reference: Layout blocks. Blocks are a series of components that can be combined to create visually rich and compellingly interactive messages. Read our guide to building block layouts to learn where and how to use each of these components. You can include up to 50 blocks in each message, and 100 blocks in modals or home tabs.

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For those who haven't started with Vue.js - you can watch me adapting that quickly, in 22 minutes, in (almost) live-mode.We take a typical Laravel page of ca...

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Fixed daily/weekly photo. All of the above URL's will give you a new photo each time they are requested (provided there are enough photos to choose from given the filtering). However each can also be limited to only updating once per day or week. To do so, simply append /daily or /weekly to the URL.By default, horizon=3month and the API will return a list of expected company earnings in the next 3 months. You may set horizon=6month or horizon=12month to query the earnings scheduled for the next 6 months or 12 months, respectively. Required: apikey. Your API key.This is the Graph API endpoint path that you want to call. You can read the Graph API reference docs to see which endpoint you want to use. This is a required parameter. method. enum {get, post, delete} This is the HTTP method that you want to use for the API request. Consult the Graph API reference docs to see which method you need to use.

View API is a web service available for any Horizon Connection server. This API is widely used by administrators to configure, administer, and monitor the server at any time. With PowerCLI 6.5, you can use the different variables and methods in this API to programmatically access the Horizon Connection server.As we know, Codeigniter is a PHP based web application framework and for the beginners it's very easy and simple to learn. In this example, I will create a rest apis for "users" module in Codeigniter 3 application. Step 1: Create products Table. In order to create restful web services, we need to create a table first in MySQL database.Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained a tutorial with an example, how to use Web API with AngularJS in ASP.Net MVC Razor. An AngularJS client will be consume a Web API method which will perform Database operations using Entity Framework and the data returned from the Web API will be displayed in Grid format using AngularJS in ASP.Net MVC Razor.